I myself used to use the saying “black don’t crack” when people comment on how young I look. But isn’t it true that if you don’t look after something then it will decline in quality anyway? Just like anything else, we all need to look after ourselves or we will suffer the same fate.


I’ve come across some info online that shea butter can’t be used as a sunscreen but did you know that ancient people from Africa have been using pure shea for AGES to protect their skin all around the year?

This says a lot, given the intense sunlight, which can be very harsh in many regions especially at the peak of the day (noon). Of course, your skin color and skin type are all very important factors to consider when selecting a feasible way to protect yourself from the sun.

It’s a must to keep seek shade in strong sunlight or cover your skin as this type of sun is damaging to skin of all types, with its harmful UV rays that not only lead to premature wrinkles & old looking skin but also skin cancer.

Dr Shea can aid in the protection agains harmful rays. Shea butter naturally contains SPF6-10 ultra violet skin protection.

What exactly makes shea butter work as a sunblock? It contains compounds known as cinnamic acid esters, also found in cinnamon (you guessed it right!) and balsam trees.

These compounds are POWERFUL anti-inflammatory agents that help instantly soothe skin swellings, irritation and inflammation as well as contain antibacterial properties and mild sun protection qualities.

They immediately calm skin redness and help prevent harmful UV rays and premature-aging causing free radicals from penetrating into the skin.


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